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Introduction to 8-VSB

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The purpose of the SBE 8-VSB course is to give the student an overview of the 8-VSB system from end-to-end, providing all the basic information he or she will need to understand the nature of 8-VSB modulation and to recognize deficiencies in the transmitted signal. This information will be invaluable in installing, maintaining and operating a digital television transmitter facility.  Much of the material contained in this course will aid the student in his or her efforts to obtain the SBE 8-VSB Certification.

Course Description

The Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) developed the 8-VSB standard to permit the transmission of HDTV pictures or multiple SDTV channels within the same 6 MHz channel spectrum that had been occupied by an NTSC analog channel. The DTV signal is transported to the 8-VSB transmitter exciter as an MPEG-2 bitstream with a data rate of 19.39 Mbit/s, sometimes referred to as 19.4 Mbit/s. Most television exciters accept this input signal as a SMPTE 310M signal.

The primary focus of the SBE 8-VSB Course is RF transmission and the process employed to transform the 19.39 Mbit/s transport signal into a signal suitable to modulate the transmitter. The course will also touch briefly on some of the important elements in the transport stream, such as video compression, picture formats, Active Format Description, PSIP and Dolby AC-3 audio.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to 8-VSB
  2. 8-VSB Overview
  3. Video Compression
  4. DTV Audio
  5. Active Format Description
  6. PSIP
  7. 8-VSB Signal and Channel Occupancy
  8. The 8-VSB Transmitter Part 1 (Data Processing)
  9. The 8-VSB Transmitter Part 2 (Modulator and Filtering)
  10. 8-VSB Spectral Display and Mask
  11. 8-VSB Transmission Monitoring
  12. 8-VSB Receiver
  13. Television Power
  14. DTV Service Areas

About the Author

The SBE 8-VSB course is written by Douglas W. Garlinger, CPBE, 8-VSB, CBNT. Mr. Garlinger is a Fellow in the Society of Broadcast Engineers and a trustee of the Ennes Educational Foundation Trust. Doug received the SBE Broadcast Engineer of the Year Award in 2002 and was selected SBE Educator of the Year in 1994. Doug was the director of engineering of Indiana-based LeSEA Broadcasting Corporation for 23 years and has served as the RF engineering manager at Mt. Wilson for NBC owned-and-operated stations KNBC-TV, KVEA-TV and KWHY-TV. Doug is also the author of the SBE Introduction to DTV RF (published by SBE in 1998; out of print) and the co-author of the SBE Television Operator's Certification Handbook, 7th Edition.


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