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Maximizing HD and 1080p/60 Cable Performance

Instructional Method: Online, On-Demand Webinar

Course Description

Who Should Attend

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Course Description

How can you judge cable quality? This webinar will review how digital video cable is designed and manufactured, and how installing it can affect the performance of the system. All of these factors can be determined by understanding and measuring return loss. Included is an analysis of cable “characteristic impedance” with installation guidelines and suggested test procedures to maximize performance.

Who Should Attend

Anyone involved with making HD and 1080p/60 "3gig" systems work should attend this webinar, including:

  • Video professionals
  • Video-for-film professionals
  • Broadcast engineers
  • HD installers
  • HD system integrators
  • HD designers
  • HD consultants          

About Your Instructor - Steve Lampen, CBRE

Steve Lampen, CBRE, has worked for Belden for nineteen years and is currently Multimedia Technology Manager. Prior to Belden, Lampen had an extensive career in radio broadcast engineering and installation, film production, and electronic distribution. Lampen holds an FCC Lifetime General License (formerly a First Class FCC License) and is an SBE Certified Radio Broadcast Engineer. On the data side he is a BICSI Registered Communication Distribution Designer. His latest book, "The Audio-Video Cable Installer’s Pocket Guide" is published by McGraw-Hill. His column "Wired for Sound" appears in Radio World Magazine.

SBE Recertification Credit

The completion of a webinar from Webinars by SBE qualifies for 1 credit, identified under Category I of the Recertification Schedule for SBE Certifications. 


This webinar is approximately 1 hour 50 minutes long. 

SBE Members:  $39     

Non-Members:  $55

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If you have questions regarding this course, contact Kimberly Kissel via email or by phone at (317) 846-9000.


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