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Frequency Tools

Frequency Coordinator Accreditation

SBE offers accreditation to volunteer SBE frequency coordinators to provide them the opportunity to be recognized as part of a standards-based, nationally recognized program of local voluntary broadcast-auxiliary frequency coordinators. Click here to learn more.


  • Free SBE produced software is available for use by qualified frequency coordinators.

            To request a copy, contact the SBE National Office.  A CD will be mailed to you.


Other Tools

Need to learn about Event Frequency Coordination?

SBE offers a three hour webinar available on-demand. 

This two-part webinar series embarks on event frequency coordination from beginning to end. This includes understanding the importance of coordination, where to get wireless channels, and the types of users. The FCC rules and regulations as they pertain to frequency coordination will also be reviewed. Details related to both technical and non-technical aspects of coordination are also examined, including how to communicate with the media, finding users, how to find a coordinator in other cities, and the step-by-step technical process of coordination. Click here to learn more.

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