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Re: FCC Commissioners' Technical Resource Enhancement Act (H.R.2102)


Dear Representative {Representative Name},


The Federal Communications Commission regulates extremely complex technical and scientific interests but, since 1982, has done so with declining and now almost nonexistent engineering or scientific expertise at the policy level.  As the FCC moves forward with the National Broadband Plan and other complex spectrum management issues, Commissioners will be making decisions involving frequency spectrum which could, if improperly made, result in potentially costly outcomes and substantial delays in the implementation of new services and technologies.  Decisions based solely on a legal or economic bases often fall victim to unintended consequences created by real world engineering challenges.


As a broadcast engineer in {city} and a member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers, I understand the need to effectuate sound spectrum management policies and to inform the Commissioners on matters of a technical nature before the agency. It is vital for each Commissioner to receive thorough, competent and direct engineering advice.


On June 2, 2011, Representative Cliff Stearns (R-FL) introduced H.R.2102, the FCC Commissioners' Technical Resource Enhancement Act. This is a straightforward, simple Bill that would permit each Commissioner to appoint an electrical engineer or computer scientist as an additional professional staff assistant, to provide the Commissioner with technical consultation and technical liaison with the FCC Bureaus.  The Congressional Budget Office estimated late last year that the net cost of this legislation (S.2881 and HR.4809 last session) will be “insignificant.”


By providing for regular technical input, this Bill gives the Commissioners an excellent foundation for navigating varied, complex and competing technical challenges.  Notably, it will also reduce the potential for time-consuming, costly, and sometimes irreversible FCC errors. A companion Bill in the Senate, S.611, was introduced by Senator Snowe (ME) and co-sponsored by Senator Warner (VA) on March 17, 2011.


As a constituent in your District, I urge you to co-sponsor H.R.2102 and encourage your colleagues to support it as well.


Thank you for your consideration.




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cc:         John L. Poray, CAE  Executive Director, Society of Broadcast Engineers, Inc.