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Leadership Development Series

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The Society of Broadcast Engineers, in conjunction with Rodney Vandeveer, SBE Leadership Development Course instructor, offers a series of three webinars on leadership. This series provides an introduction to leadership, and will explore basic principles of leadership, how effective communication can dramatically increase efficiency and employee satisfaction, and how motivation plays an essential part in employee commitment. 

This series is not meant to take the place of the three-day live course on Leadership Development. In contrast, the webinar series will give you an idea of what to expect in the live course. 

Leadership Development Series - Webinar 1 - The Function and Nature of Leadership

Leadership Development Series - Webinar 2 - Communication

Leadership Development Series - Webinar 3 - Motivation

About Your Instructor

SBE Recertification Credit



Leadership Development Series - 1) The Function and Nature of Leadership

Instructional Method:   On-Demand Webinar

Time:  75 minutes


Today’s workforce is changing and requires a new leadership focus. Effective leadership is essential to an organization’s survival. Developing effective leadership for any organization requires an understanding of the basic principles of leadership and an understanding of the practices and structures that enable others to objectively look at the leader-follower relationship. This session explores the dynamics of leading in organizations at various levels and how proper leadership brings encouragement, empowerment and renewed vitality to your organization.

Leadership Development Series - 2) Communication

Instructional Method:   On-Demand Webinar

Time:  75 minutes


Have you ever expressed frustration around poor communication? Effective communication is all about the transfer of information and the accurate understanding of that information. This session will explore the reason why communication efforts fail and describe techniques to help improve your personal communication skills. 


Leadership Development Series - 3) Motivation

Instructional Method:   On-Demand Webinar

Time:   75 minutes   


This session will help you understand the secret to all motivation.  Compare the traditional motivational techniques with more contemporary methods.  Learn about five different motivational techniques that will promote a better leader-follower relationship.  Discuss different applications for motivating for effective performance.     



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About Your Instructor - Rodney Vandeveer

Rodney Vandeveer

Rodney Vandeveer, Professor of Organizational Leadership and Supervision at Purdue, brings more than thirty (30) years of industrial and business experience in management positions in human resources, training and development and manufacturing.

Rodney's business career began as a production engineer for Rostone Corporation, a division of Allen Bradley. After numerous positions with AB, Rodney was made plant manager with responsibility for a $12 million operation in Spencer, IN. He later worked as manager of labor studies for RCA in Bloomington, returning to Lafayette's Rostone facility as director of manufacturing. This was followed with three years as the director of human resources and his last position was director of operations.

Rodney has been a professor at Purdue in the School of Technology, Department of Organizational Leadership and Supervision since 1994. He teaches Human Behavior in Organizations, Leadership Philosophy, Leadership Strategies for Quality and Productivity, and a graduate course in Emerging World-class Leadership Strategies. He also instructs the in-person three-day SBE Leadership Development Course

SBE Recertification Credit

The completion of each of these three webinars qualifies for 1 credit, identified under Category I of the Recertification Schedule for SBE Certifications. 


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