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Legislative Goals

The Society of Broadcast Engineers has among its purposes, the "creation of working alliances and meeting of minds with all elements of the broadcast and communication industry, including the FCC...". SBE regularly files comments reflecting the Society's views to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission on issues of importance to our members.

The SBE has adopted legislative goals for 2009-10. They are as follows:

Legislative Goals


1.  To protect the designation and capabilities of “broadcast engineers” from encroachment or abridgment by state and local governments. Resist state and local government restrictions of the term “broadcast engineer” and the practice of “broadcast engineers”. To also resist local and state infringement of broadcast engineers’ authority to perform the work necessary to operate and maintain federally licensed broadcast facilities.


2.   To protect the integrity of broadcaster access to frequencies designated as broadcast auxiliary service (BAS) spectrum. The principal that the FCC’s real role in spectrum matters is to mitigate interference.  The unfettered access to public information provided by broadcasters (especially during emergencies and disasters) who rely heavily on broadcast auxiliary spectrum to transmit relevant images, audio and data. SBE resists the refarming of BAS frequencies and encroachment of secondary users. 


3.   To promote the maintenance or increase of technical expertise within the FCC to ensure that decision making by the FCC is based on technical investigation, studies and evaluation rather than political expenditures. During times like these of extensive and creative new technology development, the FCC must have impartial and exceptionally trained engineering and RF experts on staff to ensure applicant claims are reasonable and substantiated based on sound technical principals and commonly accepted good practices of experimentation and engineering.  As opposed to typical legal issues, the reliance simply upon the adversarial process while ignoring technical facts is an insufficient and inefficient method of determining in an unbiased way the veracity and accuracy of new technical concepts and complex physics.


4.  To promote a comprehensive and uniform federal preemption policy to all types of FCC regulated communication facilities.


5.  To pursue the federal preemption of local and state RF exposure standards.


6.  To pursue such other matters that are brought to the attention of the Government Relations Committee by members, the board, or partners SBE is working with on its legislative agenda.

Suggestions or comments about SBE's legislative program and goals may be addressed to the SBE National Office.

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