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An Open Letter to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski - June 17, 2010

The Society of Broadcast Engineers has submitted an open letter to Julius Genachowski, Chairman, FCC addressing the, "FCC Broadcast Engineering Forum" scheduled for June 25, 2010. The SBE finds it disturbing that the FCC would convene a "broadcast engineering forum" and not invite the singular organization that represents broadcast engineers with more than 5,500 members and a long and positive history of working with the FCC.

The stated subjects to be covered in this meeting are (1) Cellularization of Broadcast Architecture, (2) Methodologies for Repacking the TV Band; (3) Improvements in VHF Reception; and (4) Advancements in Compression Technology.

While the SBE does not summarily oppose discussion and resolution of a viable and reasonable plan to make broadband services more available, the Society is suspicious of the process that seems to have already made its own conclusions; as evidenced by the recent disclosure of the report "Spectrum Analysis:  Options for Spectrum OBI Technical Paper No. 3". There seems to be a thinly veiled purpose in this meeting, to co-opt broadcast television ownership in the FCC's plan to reclaim and reallocate 120 MHz of free broadcast television spectrum for broadband services allocated by auction; likely exchanging over-the-air television reception which is free to the public for subscription-based services similar to those offered by cellular and telecom providers.

Letter to Chairman Genachowski

For further information contact:

John L. Poray, CAE
Executive Director
Society of Broadcast Engineers, Inc.
(317) 846-9000 



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