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The SBE has a unique, possibly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that is about to expire:  One of the SBE's most important goals is, "To promote the maintenance or increase the technical expertise within the FCC..."   There are bills in the U.S. Senate and House that specifically address this goal; "The FCC Commissioners' Technical Resource Enhancement Act" - Senate Bill S2881 and House Resolution, HR4809. 

 There was early interest in this legislation but time is running out!  If the bills do not proceed within the next couple of months, they will likely fail.  While it's possible they could be resubmitted in 2011, considering the rarity of this opportunity we cannot assume the legislation will be introduced again.  Representatives and Senators need to hear that SBE members support these bills and expect the support of their members of Congress! 

You may have seen the recent activity on the FCC's National Broadband Plan.  If so, you know if there's ever been a time that engineering expertise and understanding is needed at the policy level, it is NOW!  WE NEED THE CONCERTED ACTION OF OUR MEMBERS!  WE NEED YOU TO CONTACT YOUR SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES NOW!

> Ask your state’s two U.S. Senators to vote for S.2881 when it appears before them! 

> Ask your U.S. House Representative to immediately co-sponsor HR.4809 and vote for it when it appears before him or her!

To help this effort, we’ve provided sample letters for you to use. See the links below. When you contact your Congressional representatives, we'd like to receive a copy of your letters.  SBE leadership will be scheduling another visit to Capitol Hill this summer.  We want to bring copies of your letters with us to help show the importance of this issue to our membership!  Please mail or email a copy of your letters to John Poray at the SBE National office! 

We've provided lots of resources on the SBE and government Websites to inform and help you!

Learn about the bills
How to contact your U.S. Senator
Sample letter to your Senators
How to find and contact your U.S. Representative
Sample letter to your Representative

Don't forget to send a copy of your letter (by email or snail mail) to:

John L. Poray, CAE
Executive Director
Society of Broadcast Engineers
9102 N. Meridian Street, Suite 150
Indianapolis, IN 46260

Thanks for your support!




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