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SBE Certification Exam Preparation

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What will the exam be like? The SBE National Certification Committee offers sample test software for the SBE certification examinations.

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SBE Suggested References

The National Certification Committee suggests a number of references for you to review in preparation for SBE certification examinations.

Suggested Reference Lists

Certified Broadcast Networking Technologist (CBNT)

Certified Broadcast Technolgist (CBT)

Certified Audio Engineer (CEA) and Certified Video Engineer (CEV)

Certified Broadcast Radio Engineer (CBRE) and Certified Broadcast Television Engineer (CBTE)

Certified Broadcast Networking Engineer (CBNE) AVAILABLE NOW

Certified Senior Radio Engineer (CSRE) and Certified Senior Television Engineer (CSTE)

8-VSB Specialist (8-VSB)

AM Directional Specialist (AMD)

Digital Radio Broadcast Specialist (DRB)



Taking the Test

  1. Multiple choice questions are used, even for problems requiring calculations. Only in a portion of the Senior Broadcast Engineer and Specialist exams are there essay-type questions.
  2. Candidates will NOT be allowed to use notes, old exams or other study materials. Standard reference texts and tables and calculators will be allowed, but not computers. Essay questions are closed book.
  3. Scratch paper may be used but must be re-sealed with the exam. Only blank paper may be taken from the examination room.
  4. The examinations are designed to be representative of the “real world” of broadcast engineering. Therefore, emphasis is placed on the ability to solve problems rather than on the memorization of answers.
  5. Each examination must be completed within three (3) hours.
  6. Each examination will be identified with the name of the candidate and will be handled in specially sealed envelopes.
  7. Each candidate will be required to sign a statement that he/she will not divulge the contents of any questions contained in his/her examination.
  8. Numerical scores will NOT be reported. Candidates will be notified ONLY of pass/fail results.


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