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SBE Files FCC Comments on Remote Pickup Broadcast Auxiliary Service Updates

April 6, 2015

The Society of Broadcast Engineers, the Association for Broadcast and Multimedia Technology Professionals, filed comments on April 3 with the Federal Communications Commission on WT Docket 15-36 and RM-11648 and RM-11649, which covers proposed updates to the remote pickup services. The FCC NPRM was issued in response to an SBE filing in 2011. It contained proposed revised rules for Subpart D of FCC Rule Part 74. It was intended (1) to facilitate the use of existing, narrowband, spectrum-efficient digital voice and data technology by permitting the use of digital emissions not currently permitted in Subpart D, Part 74 for RPU stations; and (2) to address an anomaly in the Part 74 Rules that was created unintentionally by the FCC in 2002 in ET Docket No. 01-75 relative to licensing of stacked, narrowband RPU channels. The SBE was and is of the view that encouraging the conversion of analog RPU systems to narrowband digital voice technologies at VHF and above, and simplifying the use of stacked, narrowband channels for RPU operation by BAS licensees (and as well encouraging the use of the minimum necessary bandwidth for RPU facilities) were quite obviously good ideas.

Read the FCC NPRM: Notice of Proposed Rule Making and Order, FCC 15-22, WT Docket No. 15-36.

The SBE comments reiterate the points made in its initial petition for rulemaking.

The SBE filing is available on the SBE website under the Legislative/Advocacy menu.

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